Group Scout Leader (Mayfield)

Group / Unit: 33rd Midlothian (Mayfield)
Category: Manager
Available Evenings: As appropriate
Type: Volunteer

Help deliver skills for life.
We prepare young people with skills for life. But who supports the volunteers who make this happen? People like you.
You can inspire, motivate and plan ahead. You’ll enjoy working with adults and young people in your local area and seeing the impact of your efforts. You’ll be organised, diplomatic and know how to get the best of out people.

We’re not going to pretend this is easy. This is a big role. With big rewards.
And because you believe in the power of Scouting to help more young people you’ll know it’s all worthwhile.
Sound like you? Great. Let’s talk.

Midlothian is an expanding area, with a large demand for our Scout Group. This role is key to helping the Scouting meet the demand

We are part of the Scouts, offering fun, friendship and skills for life to over 460,000 young people across the UK

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