#MidTrail Leaders Information

Midlothian District is financially supporting #MidTrail, all badges are Free, to Midlothian Groups or Units

The Badge Runs for a Fixed period (22th June and 2nd August 2020) and Badges must be requested by 5th August 2020, at that point they will be ordered and produced.

The Badge Requirements are available here.

The Link to request the badge is here

The #MidTrail badge has been added on Online Scout Manager, so you can add it to your section and keep track of it that way.

  • Go to your Badges Section in OSM
  • Click on Core
  • Click Add Badge
  • Type #midtrail in the search box
  • Select the #MidTrail Badge
  • Click Add Badge to my ‘Core’ area
  • The Badge now appears in Online Scout Manager
  • It can also be completed by parents if you are using badges at Home
  • Please note it does Not add Hikes to Hikes away automatically, you need to do that manually.