Resources – Virtual Volunteering Information Event

Date: Thursday 27th January 2022

Time: 19:30 – 20:30

Location: Zoom

Page to Visit for more information:

Group Scout Leaders, or those asked by your GSL to do this task for the Group.

With the help of Region’s Scouting Support Officer, we have had many articles about this event online and in printed newspapers.

To make this event as much a success as possible, for your Scout Group we need you to follow this 5 point plan to promote the event within your own Scout Group and local community.

Below are the resources and information needed to promote this event. Should you have any questions at all, please contact me via email . Many thanks.

1 Send an Email to all Parents / Guardians within the Scout Group promoting event

2 – Send an Email to your Scout Group’s Waiting List Promoting event. Please ensure that you edit the paragraph in Red to fall in line with your own waiting list policy. You are unlikely to get volunteers from the waiting list, unless you offer them priority.

3 – Share on Social Media – Share frequently

Facebook – Scout Facebook Pages, Scout Facebook Groups, Town Facebook Groups, Personal Facebook Pages

Shareable Posts are on and

Twitter – Personal, Scout Group and Local Twitter Feeds

Shareable Posts on

4 – Put up Poster in Halls, Libraries, Churches, Shops, whereever you can place them

5 – Distribute Leaflets to your young people, before the event
We are getting plenty of leaflets, printed by a printer, they will be distributed to Scout Groups in the week of 11th January 2022. If you wish to print a leaflet you can using the file below.

Richard Fairbairn
District Commissioner