Only 44 new adult volunteers across Midlothian are needed to clear our youth waiting list 

1st Midlothian Gorebrbridge Squirrels

Demand for Scouts by young people across Midlothian continues to grow year on year. There is a shortage of adult volunteers at the 7 local Scout Groups which is stopping 254 young people on the Scouts waiting list from getting a place. Only 44 new local faces are needed to volunteer to clear this waiting list and enable more young people to benefit from the opportunities Scouting provides. 

According to the latest Census figures released by Scouts, the number of young people in the Midlothian Scouts District has increased by 4.5% to 484 year on year. While this growth is to be celebrated, more volunteers are needed to help return overall membership numbers to pre-pandemic levels. The Census also shows there has been no growth in the number of adult volunteers. Scouts is so popular that the massive waiting list and lack of new adult volunteer leaders mean Scouts are appealing for help to become Section Assistants or Leaders to ensure there is no barrier to participation. 

More adult volunteers are needed to widen the participation in Scouting, inspire younger people and help teach them the skills they need for life. As a volunteer-led movement; Scouts is only possible thanks to a bank of adult volunteers who help young people aged 4-25. 

Richard Fairbairn, the District Commissioner of Midlothian Scouts District, said: “We have lots of eager young people – boys and girls – wanting to join Scouting. We want to accept them, but we need Leaders if that is to happen. We only need 44 new faces from right across the whole of the Midlothian area to support more young people. We think that’s totally doable and possible thanks to our local communities. The power of volunteering and reducing our waiting list lies with them.’ 

 “At Scouts, we give young people the opportunity to improve their confidence, wellbeing, and resilience. We have so much fun. Midlothian Scouts wants to help young people realise how amazing they are, but the plea for more volunteers to enable this begins today.” 

“We are proud to be inclusive seeing a growth in girls joining Scouts year on year. We are also pleased to have awarded over 30 Top Awards last year from the Duke of Edinburgh Awards to Chief Scout Awards. These build essential employability, personal and character skills that will help improve the quality of young people’s lives.” 

“I encourage anyone to give volunteering with Scouts a try. Anyone can help – working with young people or more ‘behind the scenes’ – and no Scouting experience is essential. Whether it be two hours a month or one or two hours a week. Everyone has a skill and Scouts can help you use it to support the future and the next generation. And we have rewarding flexible opportunities to help adults benefit from Scouting too.” 

Erin Whyte, Squirrel Leader at the 1st Midlothian (Gorebridge) Scout Group said: “I would say that volunteering with Scouts is such a special thing to be involved in. You get to do really cool things that you might not normally get the chance to do. If you think you have some good ideas that could help children then you could be a huge asset to a Group.” 

Although there are 109 voluntary leaders, committee members and administrators in Midlothian, more are needed if the Scouts want to expand and grow their current membership of 484 young people. 

Those interested in learning more about volunteering for the Scouts or joining as a volunteer can find out more information or email