Adult Training

Adult training is done either online or Face to Face, or via Zoom.

Step 1: Check the training requirements for your role

Training modules that you need to complete depend on the volunteer role that you are taking on. Click on a link below

Step 2: Complete your Personal Learning Plan with your Training Adviser

We know that many Scout volunteers have prior learning which they can apply to their Scouts role. Meet with your Training Adviser and complete your Personal Learning Plan together, recognising your previous experience.

Your Training Adviser will be able to help you identify the modules when you discuss your Personal Learning Plan​ . Contact to be appointed one.

You can download the Traininers Learning Guide Here

Step 3: Complete your training modules

Work through the mandatory and role specific modules for all volunteers and discover your ongoing learning requirements and supplementary modules. To complete your Wood Badge training you need to complete the modules within training for all appointments.

Getting Started Modules

To support you in your first five months of volunteering with the Scouts we have a number of training modules for you to complete. You can complete these in any order.
Full Details of the modules can be found here

Further Modules
South East Scotland Scouts runs free Zoom Training modules for Leaders in Midlothian and the rest of the region

Details of the further Training modules can be found here

Viewing Your Training Record

We use the Scout Association Compass System to keep Track of all your Training, PVG’s, Appointments and Awards.

Compass Login
COMPASS Support Site

Registering with Compass
Follow this link to find out how to register with Compass.

If you do not know you Membership no email info@midlothianscouts,, or ask your Group Scout Leader

Guide on how to view your Training Record
Follow this link to find out how to view your Training Record