We have now moved to the New Online PVG Application System

The new processs is detailed here.

Submitting an Adult Information Form (New Applicants / Change of Role)

In Midlothian where possible, Group Scout Leader’s / Line managers can add new applicants to Compass, alternatively the District Appointments Sectretary will do this.

All Adult Information Forms, should be submitted electronically using the Form below, by the Line Manager, or the applicant. If the person just needs to renew their PVG, no form is required, move straight to the ID Checking. If it is not possible to use the electronic form please contact the appointments secretary. DO NOT email application forms.

Click Here to Submit an Adult Information Form

PVG ID Checking (Existing Adults / New Applicants)

ID Checking can only take place once the person is on Compass, by the Line Manager or designated leader.

  • If an Existing PVG Member they will need to know their PVG Scheme ID. This is not held on Compass. If they do not know it they should contact Disclosure Scotland to get it. Phone: 0300 020 0040
  • Please ensure that the FULL NAME is on the form and all the details match the Compass Record
  • The email address to use for the District Appointments Secretary is  (PLEASE ENSURE THIS IS CORRECT WHEN ENTERING THE FORM)
  • Once checked and approved by the Appointments Secretary, this will be submitted to UK HQ, who will then generate a link via email, for the applicant to complete within 7 days.

Scouts Link to ID Checking Form

Last Updated 28/10/2021